How to Get Faster Playing Guitar

Have you ever watched someone play guitar super fast and wondered, “How can I do that?” You’re about to find out! We’re going on a fun adventure to learn how to zip through guitar strings like a racing car.

To get faster at playing guitar, focus on mastering basic exercises for agility, precise techniques like alternate picking, and practice scale patterns, while ensuring accuracy and building finger strength.

By the end of this article, you’ll know cool exercises and secrets to make your fingers fly fast and make music that sounds like a speedy breeze!

The Foundation: Building Speed from the Ground Up

Building speed on the guitar is like constructing a skyscraper; you need a solid foundation first. I know, it’s not what you want to hear, but starting with basic exercises is crucial as it lays down the groundwork for agility and speed.

Finger warm-ups, such as chromatic exercises across all frets, prepare your fingers for more complex movements, enhancing agility and reducing the risk of injury.

Technique Mastery: The Key to Speed

The mastery of specific techniques is essential for increasing your playing speed. Techniques like alternate picking, where you efficiently move the pick up and down across the strings, and legato, which involves smooth transitions between notes with minimal picking, are foundational.

Practicing string skipping exercises, descending runs, and legato drills can significantly improve your technique, making fast playing cleaner and more effortless.

Precision Before Speed: The Role of Accuracy

Accuracy must precede speed. It’s better to play correctly at a slower tempo than to play fast with errors. Focus on precision and clarity with each note, ensuring that every sound is intentional and clear.

Gradually increase the tempo of your exercises while maintaining this accuracy, and you’ll find your speed naturally improving without sacrificing the quality of your playing.

Practice Routine Essentials for Speed Development

A well-structured practice routine is essential for speed development. Start with a warm-up to prepare your fingers, followed by a mix of technique exercises, scale practice, and pieces that challenge your current speed limits.

Ensure consistency in your practice, aim for daily sessions, and gradually increase the difficulty to push your boundaries. Keeping your routine varied will maintain your interest and promote all-around development.

Strengthening Exercises: Enhancing Finger Strength and Endurance

Exercises designed to build finger strength and endurance are crucial for fast playing. Focus on exercises that challenge your fingers individually, especially the weaker ones, to ensure balanced development.

Stronger fingers can press strings more efficiently, reducing fatigue and allowing for longer, faster playing sessions without compromising accuracy or speed.

Scale Patterns and Bursting: Expanding Your Speed Arsenal

Practicing scale patterns is fundamental for building speed, as it familiarizes your fingers with the fretboard and improves muscle memory.

Incorporating the ‘bursting’ technique—playing a few notes as fast as possible, then pausing, and repeating—can significantly enhance your speed.

These exercises, when gradually increased in tempo, contribute immensely to overall speed and fluidity, making complex passages more manageable.

Advanced Tips for Faster Guitar Playing

Achieving faster playing speeds involves more than just practice; it requires a holistic approach.

Techniques such as relaxing and breathing deeply help in reducing tension, which is crucial for speed. Stretching before playing prevents injuries and increases flexibility.

Economical picking, which minimizes movement for efficiency, and adjusting the guitar’s action to a comfortable height can significantly improve speed.

Additionally, pick angling, which refers to the angle at which the pick hits the strings, can affect the ease of playing fast passages. Incorporating rest periods into practice sessions is also vital to prevent fatigue and maintain optimal performance.

Mindset and Patience: The Psychological Aspect of Speed Training

A patient and focused mindset is key to developing speed on the guitar. Speed building is a gradual process that requires consistent effort over time.

It’s important to set realistic expectations and overcome frustration through positive self-talk and acknowledging small victories. Celebrating progress, no matter how minor can motivate continued practice and improvement.

Also, speed is influenced big time by your perception. Have you ever watched a video of someone talking at 1,5x or twice the speed and then going back to the original speed? You suddenly have the feeling the person speaks incredibly slowly.

So if you are struggling with a fast part in a song, try practicing it even faster and then go back to original speed, it will seem much easier!

Conclusion: Speed as a Component of Expressive Guitar Playing

Speed is an important aspect of guitar playing that, when used tastefully, can greatly enhance musical expression.

However, it should not be the sole focus. The journey towards faster playing should be enjoyable, with an emphasis on musicality and expression.

Enjoying the process of improvement and using speed as one of many tools in your expressive arsenal will lead to more fulfilling and dynamic guitar playing.

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