What Is The Hardest Metallica Song To Play On Guitar?

What Is The Hardest Metallica Song To Play On Guitar?

Do you love playing guitar and listening to Metallica? Get ready to discover which Metallica song is the trickiest to play!

The hardest Metallica song to play on guitar is often considered to be “Master of Puppets” due to its complex riffs, fast tempo, and intricate solos.

Do you agree? Or is it another one? We’re going to explore some really cool, but super challenging songs. By the end, you’ll know which one is the toughest in your eyes and maybe even try playing it yourself. Let’s start!

What Is The Hardest Metallica Song to Play on Guitar – The Top 15

Metallica’s music is known for its technical complexity and speed, making many of their songs particularly challenging for guitarists. But because we all have our sweet spots and struggles, everyone may consider another song the hardest of all, that’s why we compiled a list of the 15 most challenging songs.

These 15 songs stand out due to their intricate riffs, fast-paced solos, and demanding rhythm patterns, presenting a formidable test of skill for any guitarist.

Call of Ktulu

“Call of Ktulu” is a showcase of haunting melodies and complex layering. The instrumental track demands precise control over tempo and a deep understanding of dynamics, making it a challenging yet rewarding piece for guitarists.

Disposable Heroes

Fast, aggressive, and relentless – “Disposable Heroes” is a test of endurance. The rapid downpicking and intricate solo sections require both stamina and precision, pushing the boundaries of a guitarist’s speed and accuracy.

Shortest Straw

“Shortest Straw” combines rapid riffing with abrupt tempo changes. This song challenges guitarists to maintain precision in their play while navigating its complex structure and sudden shifts in pace.


“Blackened” is notorious for its fast-paced intro riff and complex rhythm patterns. The song demands a high level of dexterity and rhythmic precision, making it a tough but gratifying challenge.

The Frayed Ends of Sanity

This song is a whirlwind of intricate riffs and shifting tempos. “The Frayed Ends of Sanity” requires guitarists to have a strong sense of timing and the ability to play complex patterns at high speeds.

Damage, Inc

“Damage, Inc” is a relentless assault of rapid riffs and complex solos. The song’s speed and technical demands make it a true test of a guitarist’s skill and endurance.

Master of Puppets

Regarded as one of the most challenging Metallica songs, “Master of Puppets” features fast, intricate riffs and a legendary solo. Its complexity and speed make it a pinnacle challenge for aspiring metal guitarists.

Creeping Death

“Creeping Death” is a blend of fast-paced riffs and intricate solos. The song’s challenging rhythm and lead parts require both precision and agility.

Ride the Lightning

The title track of their second album, “Ride the Lightning” combines a complex solo with fast, intricate riffs, demanding a high level of technical proficiency.


Opening with an acoustic intro before diving into rapid-fire riffs, “Battery” is a test of versatility and endurance, requiring guitarists to switch between different playing styles seamlessly.

Fight Fire With Fire

This song starts with an acoustic intro before launching into fast, aggressive riffs. “Fight Fire With Fire” challenges guitarists to maintain precision and speed throughout its relentless pace.

Dyers Eve

“Dyers Eve” is known for its high-speed thrash riffs and challenging drum patterns, requiring guitarists to synchronize tightly with the rest of the band while maintaining the song’s intense pace.

Hit the Light

As one of Metallica’s earliest songs, “Hit the Light” features raw energy and speed, challenging guitarists with its rapid riffs and solo sections.


“Whiplash” is a relentless display of fast riffing and energetic solos, demanding a high level of stamina and speed from the guitarist.

The Unforgiven

A departure from their usual fast-paced style, “The Unforgiven” requires control and expression, challenging guitarists to convey emotion through their playing.

In the End

Tackling Metallica’s challenging guitar parts is a journey through a landscape of high-speed riffs, intricate solos, and complex musical structures. Each album presents its unique challenges, requiring a blend of technical skill and musicality.

Mastering these songs is not just about displaying prowess; it’s about growth and understanding the depth of metal guitar playing. This journey, while demanding, is enriching, encouraging continuous learning and improvement in the art of guitar playing.

What is your take on this? What do you think is the hardest Metallica Song to play on guitar? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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