Sell Your Guitar Like a Pro: 5 Expert Tips!

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So you’ve jammed on your guitar for a while, creating some unforgettable melodies and memories. But sometimes, change calls. Maybe you’re eyeing a new piece or you just need a switch-up. Either way, you’re thinking about parting ways with your beloved guitar. Unsure where to start? Let’s dive deep.

Steps to Turn Your Guitar into Cash:

 1. Know Its Worth: Don’t just guess its worth! Start by reminiscing about its original price. If you’re a little foggy, a quick peek at the brand’s website should do the trick. Then, go over to sites like eBay and Reverb. See what others are pricing similar guitars at. Depending on the condition, maybe you can up that price a touch, give yourself some headroom for negotiation.

 2. Give It a Beauty Makeover: Before showcasing it to potential buyers, pamper your guitar. Clean it, polish it, make it shine! Just like you wouldn’t go to a job interview in your workout gear, ensure your guitar looks its absolute best.

 3. Choose Your Stage: Think about where you want to sell. Going local? Or thinking global, like an online marketplace? Your choice.

 4. Listing – Make It Irresistible: If you’re venturing online, your listing should be everything. Craft a description that speaks to the heart, post clear pics, and make sure your potential buyers feel the passion.

 5. Pack & Ship with Love: If you find a buyer from afar, packing is key. Wrap it securely, the postal service is not always the most attentive one.

And then Cha-ching! Cash In & Celebrate: But please be aware of the way of payment, if something sounds dodgy wait for the next buyer. Better safe than sorry!

mistakes when buying an acoustic guitar

The Details About Selling a Guitar

I know selling something close to your heart isn’t easy. But by following these steps, you’ll ensure it finds a new home that appreciates its value and history. Whether you’re selling in your hometown or shipping it worldwide, this guide’s got you. Remember to check its worth, get it ready for the spotlight, and always pack with care.

1. Get That Guitar Ready

Imagine this: two identical shirts, one fresh out of the box and the other with a few smudges. Which one are you grabbing? It’s all about that first impression, right? So, wipe off the dust, get rid of any smears, and ensure it’s shining. 

2. The Perfect Selfie – I Mean, Guitar Pic!

We all know lighting can make or break a photo. That golden hour glow? It’s everything. When taking pics of your guitar, always go for natural light. You want to showcase every detail. Stay away from fluorescent lights; they can change the color and vibe. Let your guitar shine authentically!

3. Stay Connected

Remember, prompt replies are key. If you leave people hanging for too long, they might move on. Try responding within a couple of hours. Keep that interest alive!

4. Cashing Out: Where to Make That Sale

Local Stores: Quick and Convenient
Trading your guitar at a local shop can be super easy. Maybe They’ve got a Trade-Up program where you can bring back your guitar or even other gear. While it’s super convenient, you might get a bit less cash than selling online. But it’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick sale. Also, scope out other local spots and see who gives you the best deal!

Online: Maximize Your Earnings
Selling online might fetch you a better price, but it does need a tad more effort. If you aren’t in a rush and want to maximize your cash, this could be your best bet.

Online Guitar Selling: From Listings to Earnings!

The digital space is huge. There’s no shortage of platforms to show off your guitar. While it might mean a bit more effort—like prepping your guitar, snapping the right pics, crafting a perfect listing, and shipping it off—it could be rewarding money-wise.

Decided the online route is for you? Whether you’ve already bypassed the local stores or are just diving straight into the digital pool, you’re here. So, here’s how to get your guitar sold online.

1. The Online Platforms

We all know eBay. With a whopping 182 million users, your listing gets tons of eyes. But remember, with great traffic comes great competition. You’ll be up against a lot, and your seller rating plays a huge role. New to eBay or got a not-so-perfect score? It can be a tad tricky. Keep in mind, eBay takes its share, around 9% of the item’s sale price. Oh, and let’s spill some truth tea: some people on eBay are all about deals.

In comparison, Reverb is the exclusive club for music enthusiasts. From guitars to DJ gear, it’s the spot. The pros? Buyers know their stuff, meaning they appreciate quality and value. The not-so-great part? It might not have a bustling crowd like eBay, so your listing might take longer to sell. But, the silver lining: they take a smaller cut than eBay when your item does sell.

Then there is Amazon. Did you know they have a Used section? The catch? It’s not for every item out there. If Amazon doesn’t have your guitar, it’s a no-go. So since not every guitar model is on Amazon as it isn’t a dedicated music hub, you might feel a bit left out.

And then there are always some smaller (often national) options and facebook groups you can look into.

2. Creating the Perfect Listing

Once you’ve got your platform down, it’s time to work some listing magic!

Strike a Pose: Pictures from Every Angle
Imagine looking at a product and seeing just one or two basic pictures. Uh, not ideal! Showcase your beauty. Capture your guitar’s essence from the front, back, sides, and zoomed-in details. Make it a full-on photoshoot!

Spill the Tea: Detailed Description
Help your potential buyers out by dishing out every detail about your guitar. Think manufacturer, its birth year, color, main features, and all those specs. If you’re not sure, check out the maker’s site, but keep it original in your words.

Keep it Real: Mentioning Imperfections
Every guitar has a story, and sometimes that comes with a few beauty marks. Be transparent about them. If there’s a ding, a scratch, or a mark from that one passionate jam session, share it. It adds character, and trust me, honesty is always appealing.

The Bonus Round: Include the Extras
If you’re throwing in some extras with your guitar—maybe upgrades you made or even the guitar case—flaunt them. Make that deal irresistible!

3. Pack it Up, Pack it In: Shipping Your Guitar

Send it off safely. Get that guitar packed pronto, ideally the same day or the next. If you’re thinking, “But how?”, don’t stress. Let’s break it down:

Cushion & Care: Use bubble wrap or foam to cushion your guitar inside its case. This prevents any movement during the shipping journey. If you don’t have a case you could also find a sturdy box, and ensure the guitar is snug inside. But because I had damage on a guitar after sending it even tho it was securely packaged, I would never send a guitar without a case again, but that is just my personal opinion.

Label & Ship: Clearly mark the box with ‘Fragile’ and the destination details. Make sure it’s sealed tight, and send it off! But before we get there, prepare your guitar for a safe journey.

How to ensure your guitar arrives in style 

1. The Guitar Case

If you’ve got the original case for your guitar, that’s your first step to protection. But any fitting case will do. If you’re completely out of luck, that’s okay, —just amp up the protection.

2. Setting the Mood: Loosen the Strings

Gently release tension from the strings. Slide a soft cloth or bubble wrap beneath, moving it up to shield the fretboard. This ensures that even if those strings decide to dance during shipping, the frets remain unscathed.

3. The Bubble Wrap

Time to bring in the bubble wrap! Start at the head, then down the neck, wrapping it like you would in a scarf. Go for double layers, ensuring your guitar stays beautiful and unharmed. But be cautious to not overdo it, because too much bubble wrap will put pressure on your guitar and you don’t want that. So the lady should sit snug in the case without room for wriggling but there shouldn’t be resistance when closing the case! 

4. Box It Up Like a Pice of Art

For this, you’d want a special box or you have to go DIY. Protect the guitar case inside a box. ULINE has boxes designed just for guitars – whether it’s acoustic, electric, or bass. And I’m sure there are other options as well. If you know any help your fellow musicians out and drop recommendations down in the comments section. I would love to hear about it! Make sure the fit is snug and cozy. If there’s any room for your guitar to shimmy, add more cushioning.

Conclusion: The Essence

With these tips, you’re all set to make a statement with your guitar sale. Sure, parting can be hard, but the joy (and cash) coming your way will be the new highlight. 

Remember, choose the perfect platform, be your authentic self in your listing, and dazzle with those photos. Wishing you fabulous sales!

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